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1. What basic information should I be aware of before coming into the venue?
2. How do I know I am purchasing tickets from the Opera House?
3. What are the “fees” for, and do I still have to pay the fees when purchasing at the box office?
4. Do I have to pay for a baby/child sitting on my lap?
5. Can I refund my tickets?
6. My seat numbers aren’t together on my tickets. Is someone sitting between us?
7. What time do the doors open?
8. Are group discounts available?
9. Where can I park?
10. I purchased VIP tickets that include early entry. What time should I arrive?
11. Where are you located?
12. If I leave can I come back in?
13. Can I bring my bag to the show?
14. Is the Opera House handicapped accessible?
15. What is not allowed in the venue?
16. How do I become an Usher?
17. Can you mail me a list of upcoming events?
18. What forms of payment do you accept?
19. How do I know when tickets will go on sale?
20. Does the Opera House sell Gift Cards?
21. Does the Opera House sell merchandise?
22. Where can I donate to the Opera House?
23. How do I become a member of the Woodstock Opera House?
24. Can you eat or drink in the auditorium?
25. Can I bring a water bottle?
26. Can I smoke / vape in the venue?
27. Do you have a coat check?
28. Is The Opera House available for special events?
29. Is there an ATM available?
30. Does Stage Left take reservations? Do they serve food?
31. Do you have a Lost and Found?